Not the Wonderlic score…

With the 125 pick in the 4th round, the Detroit Lions have added another cornerstone piece to their already championship caliber team with LB Ronnell Lewis, who will play some DE and be mostly a rush outside linebacker.

In the 4th round, according to Ronnell Lewis is the 2nd highest graded player after Bobbie Massie, who fell for being soft.

This is a great pick, he won’t start for a while, but he will contribute on special teams and be a sitiuational pass rusher. This guy is a superior athlete who Gunther Cunningham will be able to play with in a lot of different situations.


Those pesky Lions.

The Lions traded their 4th round pick to the gay ass 49ers for the 125th pick and the 196th pick. The Lions I’m sure just fooled the fuck out of those idiot homos. Hopefully this move was made just for ammo to trade for CB Mike Jenkins.

2012 draft day 2 recap.

Anybody else think this years draft hats are ugly.

3 rounds into the draft, the Lions have addressed 2 needs and added a playmaker. In day 3 of the draft, the Lions have 4 picks left, I wouldn’t care if they traded all of them for Mike Jenkins, if not, there are still some quality players left:

  • Cam Johnson, DE
  • Josh Norman, CB
  • Brandon Boykin, CB
  • Brandon Taylor, SS
  • Alfonzo Dennard, CB
  • Lamar Miller, RB
  • Chris Polk, RB

But again, my list means jack shit. I’m not going to do my countdown tomorrow, because its kind of a pain in the ass. I will update any picks and significant news though.

I’m excited to see who the Lions go after tomorrow. With these later picks they will most definitely be BPA, because even BPA will have a hard time making our roster, it will be nearly impossible for reaches to make the team. So it will be interesting to see the new Lions.


There you go, you have your corner back in Dwight Bentley. Know anything about him? Me either. But you know what, pretty much all the CBs that were there in the 2nd, are still there. Wanna know why, real NFL GMs and scouts know a fuck load more than the assholes on TV.

Trust the Mayhew, and remember guys like Deandre Levy, Sammie Lee Hill, Willie Young, Zack Follet,  and Amari Spievy. I’ll be honest though, I’d love to see the Lions trade for Mike Jenkins to start with Houston and give this kid a year and allow him to be excellent depth.

Everybody ok? Have you allowed the Broyles pick to sink in? Think of it like this, the Lions traded their 2012 2nd round pick for a 2013 1st round, the Lions arent bullshitting when they say best player available, and I think they had to jump at a guy with blue chip talent, knowing the only reason he fell was because of injury.

Now we have Mike Mayock’s top 5 again, even though we’re all wasting our time trying to predict the geniuses in Allen Park.

  1. Bobby Massie OT
  2. Brandon Thompson DT
  3. Cam Johnson DE
  4. Josh Norman CB
  5. T.Y. Hilton WR

Other guys available and linked to the Lions:

  • Brandon Boykin CB
  • Alfonzo Dennard CB
  • DeQuan Menzie FS
  • Sean Spence LB
  • Lamar Miller RB

Of course this could just be a waste of time.

Another Big Congratulations!

With the 54th overall pick, The Detroit Lions select, future Super Bowl Champion WR Ryan Broyles. Oh boy, there are going to be heads exploding. Its going to be ok people, don’t forget how awful the Patriot, Manning led Colts, and Saints defense are. Stafford is going to lead us to the promise land and Suh and Fairley are going to do just enough.

Trust the Mayhew.

5 to go…

5 picks to go until the Lions add another stud player. I have Mike Mayock’s top 5 available for the Lions at #54 in the 2nd round.

  1. Jerel Worthy DT
  2. Vinny Curry DE
  3. Casey Hayward CB
  4. Peter Konz OC
  5. Devon Still DT

Some of the other guys available and linked to the Lions:

  • Josh Robinson CB
  • Mike Adams OT
  • Josh Norman CB
  • Lavonte David LB
  • Alfonzo Dennard CB
  • Lamar Miller RB
  • LaMichael James RB
  • Zach Brown LB
  • Isaiah Pead RB
  • Trumaine Johnson CB

A ton of options available, who will the Lions take, I think it depends on how he feels about these CBs, if he likes one, that will be the pick, if not, then its anybodys guess.

Back for more.

The start of round RGIII, I mean 2, is about to begin. I’m kind of concerned that there are going to be some whiny radio hosts and beat writers after the Lions pick.

This is what I’ve decided, I’m not going to listen to any Valenti or Caputo, no bullshit beat writer, no jack ass draft analysts, or some asshole’s blog. I’m going to look at the available players and pick one that I like based on my own familiarity of the player and trust the guys in charge.

The cowgirls are trying to trade CB Mike Jenkins, that would be so fucking awesome if we got him.

Either way I’m hoping somehow the Lions land a stud CB, because that really is our biggest need, but if the right guy isn’t there, don’t be surprised if we finish rounds 2 and 3 with an interior offensive lineman and a running back.

I’m not going to post as much tonight as I did last night, I’ll post on anything Lions related and whatever else I think is important or cool.

Day 1 recap!

That was a lot of fun, did the Lions get better today? Yes, I think they did. What they did today was make a responsible grown up pick, which is what the Lions are now.

I wish the 2nd round was on tonight, I don’t like the new draft set up, it was nice to have a little surprise and intrigue with not knowing the pick until Goodell announced it, but, they have to many guys there it was ridiculous having to wait for them to trot a player out on stage and there were already 3 picks in.

Are you happy with the pick, I’m sure I will hear a lot of bitching about it, with guys like DeCastro, Mercilus, Matrin, and Jenkins there.

Other guys still on the board:

  • DT Jerel Worthy
  • WR Stephen Hill
  • DE Courtny Upshaw
  • OT/OG Cordy Glenn
  • OT Jonathon Martin
  • OT Mike Adams
  • CB Josh Robinson
  • CB Janoris Jenkins

Still plenty of talent, maybe the Lions will move up, or maybe they’ll stand pat and grab another Titus Young that none of us saw coming.

Incase you missed anything…

  1. Colts – Andrew Luck QB
  2. Redskins – Robert Griffin III QB
  3. Browns – Trent Richardson RB
  4. Vikings – Matt Kalil OT
  5. Jaguars – Justin Blackmon WR
  6. Cowboys – Morris Claiborne CB
  7. Bucs Mark – Barron S
  8. Dolphins – Ryan Tannehill QB
  9. Panthers – Luke Kuechly LB
  10. Bills – Stephon Gilmore CB
  11. Cheifs – Dontari Poe DT
  12. Eagles – Fletcher Cox DT
  13. Cardinals – Malcolm Floyd WR
  14. Rams – Micheal Brockers DT
  15. Seahawks – Bruce Irvan LB
  16. Jets – Quinton Coples DE
  17. Bengals – Dre Kirkpatrick CB
  18. Chargers – Melvin Ingram DE
  19. Bears –  Shea McClellin DE
  20. Titans – Kendall Wright WR
  21. Patriots – Chandler Jones DE
  22. Browns – Brandon Weeden QB
  23. Lions –  Riley Reiff OT
  24. Steelers – David Decastro OG
  25. Patriots – Dont’a Hightower LB
  26. Texans – Whitney Mercilus DE
  27. Bengals – Kevin Zeitler OG
  28. Packers – Nick Perry DE
  29. Vikings – Harrison Smith S
  30. 49ers – A.J. Jenkins WR
  31. Bucs – Doug Martin RB
  32. Giants – David Wilson RB