The 2nd preseason game against the Ravens is at halftime, so it is essentially over. Let me start off by saying how much I hate the faggot fucking Ravens and their harbaugh.

So here are my thoughts:

  • That was my motherfucking Lions offense you were watching tonight.
  • Stafford to Calvin is unstoppable.
  • Titus looked like black superman diving into the end zone.
  • Nice to see Brian Broyles, doesn’t look like he’s fully got his wheels yet, but he’s getting open and catching balls.
  • I think we’ve seen more of Nick Fairley this preseason than we did all of last year.
  • The refs had me cussing pretty loud over that bullshit facemask on Durrant.
  • Suh looks phenomenal and I expect a huge season for him.
  • Stefan Logan is lucky he was hurt and not my quarterback.
  • I’m already sick of hearing about Ray Lewis and wish he would retire.
  • Joey Harrington is going to be on the Fox pregame college show(what the fuck).
  • Nice to see Clifford back.
  • Is John Wendling the new preseason stud?

Ok homies, I’m gonna get back to the game and hope that I don’t have to suffer through too much of Kellen Moore, the 1st preseason game with him was honestly the most painful Lions football I can remember watching since 0-16.