As the 2012 season approaches, I want to take one last look back at the magical 2011 season with a gay poem…

Do you know what is sweet
Matthew Stafford became elite

Megatron best in the game
Chuck, Roy, Mike, what a shame

Last year was so fucking great
What can I say
The Lions ruled every fucking day

Do you remember the best part
Roary puttin bitches on the cart

Every game there was a fight
But not being awful
Made them a pleasant sight

All of the comebacks, oh my
My heart almost stopped
I thought I would die

But Calvin and Matt
Are where it’s at

And where still so young
Still very hungry
Last year we saw
The start of a dynasty

Jahvid for 80
Fuck what a sight
I hope his head isn’t broken
I hope he’s alright

Calvin against the Queens
In OT down the seam
Best play I ever seen
What a beautiful thing

And don’t forget Suh’s kick
I’m still ok with it

Now it’s time that again
It’s all about to start
They call us dirty
Say were not smart

Were all alone
All on our own
To the rest of the world
You know what I say