Hey there, I’ve been busy hibernating/masturbating, I call it hysternating. I could say that I’m burned out from putting like 500 drafts posts up, but that would be a lie. The truth is…

Yeah, that’s right, I’ve been running around keeping the galaxy safe for all you fucks. I know it’s nerdy, but I swear to God, this game is like crack. Star Wars: The Old Republic. I’m ‘Dray’ on the Hanharr server, you should join, and we will be dorks together.

Ok so let’s go over what I’ve missed in my video game coma.

So Calvin Johnson is throwing out pitches for a sub par baseball team as well as belting out dingers left and right. This dude is such a fucking physical specimen. Can you imagine any fat, lazy baseball player going onto professional football field and doing anything other than sweat? Me either.

Speaking of wide receivers, there appears to be a domestic situation between Louis Delmas and Young Titty. I guess YT belted Louis in his big beautiful gums or something. I’ve decide to withhold judgment, I’m not going to take sides and then be the bad guy when they eventually make up. I will say this though, I bet this is the type of thing that routinely happens across the NFL, the only difference is that some asshoe reporter caught wind of this, and then spread his wind all over the Metro Detroit Area. Jimmy is probably keeping this story alive by not commenting on it. But he’s probably just taking the same approach as me.

Now, the reason I decided to post. The Lions and Cliff Avril are 2 million dollars apart right now… Per year. Good bye Cliff, nice having you around, but get the fuck out of here. Do you know how much money 2 million dollars a year is in football terms? That is literally more than most players make, and this guy wants that much on top of what the Lions are offering. No thanks.